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No Contracts.

Pests are removed the first time and they don't come back.

We use only the most effective, safe, eco-friendly low-toxicity chemicals available. Your safety and peace of mind are a priority!

Hire the Best

Our pricing is competitive and we always stand behind our services. 

Our technicians are licensed, certified and experienced. We get great reviews because we go the extra mile for our clients.

We take proactive measures with pest control methods to prevent pests from returning, as well as preventing other variety of pests from infesting your home or business.

Our technicians are committed to solving your problems efficiently and never allowing danger to come to you, your clients, or your loved ones.

We have a wide variety of tools and chemicals available to pest control specialists and exterminators in and around Chicago.

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Superior Service

When you choose to work with Bigfoot Pest Control in the Chicago Western Suburbs, you can expect superior customer service. The exterminator arriving at your home or business will be professional, prompt and have years of experience. On top of that they are experts with every variety of pests within the Chicago area. Our clients only expect the highest standard of service and we only accept the highest standard of results.

We handle termites, spiders, bed bugs, ants, mice, bees and wasps, silverfish, fleas, roaches, earwigs, box elders and more.

Residential and Commercial

Our exterminator service is for both residential and commercial clients in parts of Chicagoland and the western suburbs of Chicago. We service some locations as far out as Joliet. Some suburbs include Itasca, Schaumburg, Arlington Heights, Mt. Prospect, Elmhurst, Barrington, Elk Grove, Palatine, Buffalo Grove and Roselle, IL. These are just a few! Call to see if we provide service to your area.

When pests are a problem, Bigfoot Pest Control is the solution. We are committed to bringing a sense of safety and security back into your home or business with our highly knowledgeable and skilled exterminators.

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