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Termite Inspections

Bigfoot Pest Control does Veterans Association Termite Inspections and Wood Destroying Inspection Reports. VA and WDI reports are often requirements for some loans. Don’t have your loan approval delayed. Call us, we are fast!

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Before purchasing a home and anytime you believe you’ve spotted termite damage, it’s important to hire a professional to handle your termite inspection. Without a thorough inspection, you could purchase an infested house or have the structure of your home destroyed. There is always more damage than you can see on a simple walk-through. A professional inspection will help you protect your investments.

Termites are one of the most common issues homeowners deal with and they can cause quite a bit of damage in a hurry. These are common wood destroying insects and they cause over $1 billion in damage every year. Once they get into your home, they will seek and destroy all their sources of food including lumber, sheetrock, wallpaper, flooring, wood panels and any other elements of your home made of wood.

How a Termite Inspection Works

When you call Bigfoot Pest Control for a termite inspection, we provide the best technologies and the most knowledgeable specialists to handle the job. We understand what to look for and where to look whenever inspecting a property.

Our goal is to provide you with fast, reliable and accurate service.

Whether you, your realtor or the mortgage company requests the inspection, we respond as quickly as possible and handle the rest of the process. The actual inspection includes our search for evidence of termites and normally consists of the following:

  • Hallowing
  • Shelter tubes
  • Live insects
  • Frass

The Outdoor Inspection

Typically, we start by inspecting the yard, crawl spaces, under the house, garage and any other outdoor structures. We will move leaves and debris around and look for small mounds of sawdust, dead wings or any other evidence of termites. If any mud tubes are spotted, it can mean termites are traveling both underground and above ground.

The Indoor Inspection

Once we’ve completed the outdoor termite inspection, we move into the house to inspect the attic, basement and other areas of the home. We use a flashlight to look in dark corners, between studs and around beams. Our termite inspection includes every room and all areas of the house. When we inspect the inside of the home, we are looking for pinholes in drywall, wood, wallpaper and other indications of termites.

After completing the inspection, we document all our findings and prepare a report for the homeowner, Mortgage Company, realtor or whoever requested the inspection. If you’re planning to purchase a home or you think your house is infested with termites, call us today. We do VA and WDI reports. We have your Veterans Association and Wood Destroying Insects inspections covered!

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One of the more difficult problems that a homeowner may face is an issue with pests. They tend to invade the home when we least expect it and once they get a foothold, it can be very difficult to remove them. Fortunately, you can call on the professional services of Bigfoot Pest Control to care for the issue. We have the experience necessary to care for this unfortunate problem and to do so in an eco-friendly, effective and safe manner.In our area of Illinois, there are many different types of pests that can become a problem. The following is a short list of some of the more common issues that homeowners may face. Rest assured, each of these issues can be corrected and we make your problems our priority.Our pest control extermination services cover a wide area, including Arlington Heights, Elgin, Naperville, and Wheaton. We use only certified, licensed and experienced pest removal technicians so you can rest assured that you are in good hands when you contact us. We are committed to solving the problems that you are experiencing and we carry both the chemicals and tools to offer this quality service to all who have a need.

Mice Rats & Rodents

One of the more common issues that many homeowners face is a problem with mice. They get into the home and they can spend a considerable amount of time in the area before you realize they are a problem. Mice are not only unwelcome visitors, they can also pose a serious danger to you and your family. The waste that mice leave behind can spread bacteria to your food and on all surfaces of the home. They may even be the source of asthma attacks in young children. Mice can cause a lot of problems but you can rest assured that we can clear them from your home effectively.

Termite Inspections

Termites are another issue that many homeowners face and they can be in the home for quite some time before they are discovered. The problem with termites is not only in the fact that they are unwelcome, it's the damage that they can do to the home. Termites are relentless and they can chew through a tremendous amount of wood in a short amount of time. In addition, they can tunnel through the wood, harming the integrity of your home in additional ways. A termite inspection can identify the problem and then we can discuss the potential ways of treating the issue.


A number of different types of ants can be a problem in Illinois and they tend to come into the home to seek an easy source of both food and water. Pharaoh and pavement ants are sometimes a problem and they can be difficult to control without professional help. Carpenter ants, on the other hand, are a serious issue and they can destroy almost as much wood in the structure of the home as termites. We have 20 years of experience fighting ants in the area. Let us put our experience to work for you.

Bed Bugs

There is perhaps no other type of insect that causes more concern than bed bugs. They are more of a problem than most people realize and if you have an infestation, you certainly are not alone. Bed bugs can be a serious problem and they are virtually impossible for a homeowner to remove. We can come to your home, identify the problem and go to work to remove the infestation. The good news is, you can get immediate relief from the bugs with the very first treatment. Don't sleep another night with these unwelcome visitors. Our four-part treatment program is affordable and effective.


Spiders are not only a problem for many homeowners in the Illinois area, they are also the cause of some significant fear as well. Arachnophobia, which is a fear of spiders, is one of the most common types of phobias. Fortunately, you don't have to be afraid of spiders in your home any longer. We are the premier spider extermination solution in the area and we not only help to remove them from inside of the home, we even spray the exterior of the home to keep them from coming inside again. Spider control presents some rather unique issues but you can rest assured that our experienced specialists will be able to eradicate them from your home.


These are very common and helpful insects but they can be a real problem when they get into the home. Of course, nobody wants to be stung by a bee but in some cases, allergies could make a problem with a single bee sting deadly. This is not something that you want to face on your own and fortunately, Bigfoot Pest Control can come to your home and take care of the problem for you. A number of different types of bees may be an issue in our area of Illinois, including bumblebees, carpenter bees, honeybees, and Yellowjackets. Some of these types of bees can cause significant damage to your home along with some very painful stings.


Like bees, wasps can produce a very painful problem for homeowners but they have unique issues that are different than what you may experience with bees. They can also cause an allergic reaction when they sting, damage the home and some types of wasps can be extremely aggressive. It can be dangerous to try to remove wasps from your home and trying to spray them could end up causing them to aggressively turn on you and sting you. It is better for you to leave this job to a professional and we can handle it for you.


Although no homeowner wants any type of insect inside of their home, it seems as if most homeowners have a particular hatred for cockroaches. They can enter the home very easily, perhaps through a grocery bag or even by simply walking through the front door. Once they are inside, they multiply quickly and they have the potential for spreading germs and diseases. In addition, a problem with cockroaches can be extremely invasive and by the time you see them scurrying about, the issue is likely so large that they have a strong foothold on your property.Cockroaches live a long time and they can survive almost anything that a homeowner would throw in their direction. That is why it takes a professional service to care for this issue. Our professional technicians can handle a cockroach invasion and they can take proactive measures to ensure that every last one is removed from your home. If you're serious about the removal of roaches, it's time to give us a call.Many of the issues that you may face as a homeowner as far as pest-control is concerned is more than simply a one-step process. It is not only a matter of removing the bugs from the home, it's a matter of keeping them from coming back again. That is why Bigfoot Pest Control offers an ongoing maintenance service to come to your home, treat the area and detect any additional problems that may be occurring.Bugs can cause so many problems and certainly, they are unwelcome in any home. When you contact us, you are getting more than a common pest control service. You are getting somebody who takes their work seriously and takes pride in ensuring that your home will be bug-free from that point forward.
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Pre-Construction Treatments and Pretreat

Spring is primary termite period as swarmers arise to mate and set up new colonies, which regularly consist of susceptible household qualities. Termites can actually consume a house out from below its proprietors, frequently with out them even understanding till a lot harm continues to be carried out. They’ve the power to chew via wooden, flooring as well as wallpaper undetected, 24/7, and may compromise the structural balance of the house inside a number of many years based around the species. Actually, termites trigger $5 billion really worth of home harm yearly.

Fortunately, you will find numerous actions property owners may take to assist stop termites from infesting their home. Listed here are ten suggestions in the Nationwide Pest Administration Affiliation (NPMA) to guard your best expense from termites:

Get rid of or decrease dampness in and across the house, which termites require to prosper.
Restore leaking taps, drinking water pipes and exterior AC models.
Restore fascia, soffits and rotted roof shingles.
Change climate stripping and free mortar about basement basis and home windows.
Divert drinking water absent in the home via correctly working downspouts, gutters and splash blocks.
Routinely examine the inspiration of the house for indicators of mud tubes (utilized by termites to achieve a meals supply), uneven or effervescent paint and wooden that seems hollow when tapped.
Keep track of all exterior locations of wooden, such as home windows, doorframes and skirting boards for just about any obvious modifications.
Preserve an 18-inch hole in between soil and any wooden parts of one’s house.
Think about scheduling an expert inspection yearly. Wood-boring insect harm isn’t coated by homeowners’ insurance coverage guidelines.
Shop firewood a minimum of twenty ft absent in the home.

Termite Avoidance Suggestions
With regards to getting accessibility for your house, termites are incredibly proficient. The final factor you would like to do is make their occupation simpler. Adhere to these three actions to efficient termite avoidance and ensure that the house does not turn out to be their house.
Stage one: Contact a pest administration expert to uncover, manage and stop termites
Little holes in wooden, crumbling drywall, sagging doorways or flooring, insect wings and little shelter tubes are a few from the much more apparent indicators of the possible infestation of termites. But even when you do not discover any of those indicators, that does not always imply termites, or even the circumstances that invite them, are not there.
Normal inspections by a certified pest administration expert would be the very best method to assist make sure your house really is, and stays, totally free from termites and also the harm they trigger. Certified pest administration experts possess the coaching in termite biology and conduct to determine, stop and deal with termite infestations. A Termidor® termiticide/insecticide Licensed Expert will carry out an intensive inspection of one’s house to find out if, exactly where, and the way termites are obtaining in. They are able to also clarify how you can right any circumstances in your house that invite termites.
For instance:
Do not affix wood trellises to exterior partitions.
Maintain mulch, wooden particles, scrap lumber, sawdust and firewood absent out of your house. In the event you do maintain firewood outdoors your home throughout the winter season, maintain it elevated and from the floor.
Do not stack, shop or bury wooden particles adjacent for your house.
Trim all shrubs, bushes as well as other dense greenery absent in the basis of one’s house. Transfer mulch absent in the basis also.
Eliminate infested trees and stumps.
Restore leaking taps and drinking water traces, each indoors and outside.
Repair leaky roofs and gutters.
Do not permit leaves to build up in gutters and drains.
Quality soil to ensure that drinking water (such as air-conditioning condensation) operates absent from foundations.
Ventilate crawl areas and attics to cut back humidity.
Eliminate all wooden to soil get in touch with.
Include a minimum of 90% from the soil in crawl areas with plastic sheeting.
Preferably, wooden siding, stucco and foam board ought to be a minimum of 6 inches absent in the floor.
Seal all cracks and holes inside your home’s basis, which can offer a useful accessibility stage for termites.
Stage two: Ask for Termidor for unsurpassed termite manage and avoidance
When the inspection reveals termites, your pest administration expert could get rid of these and maintain them from returning. If it seems that your house is presently freed from termites, congratulations! Now, it is time for the pest administration expert to consider preventative motion to make sure it stays like that. For your best method to deal with both scenario, your pest administration expert will suggest Termidor, America’s #1 termite protection item.
Stage three: Safeguard your Termidor termite therapy with normal inspections
A thoroughly clean invoice of well being from the physician these days doesn’t suggest it is not essential for you personally to obtain normal check-ups within the long term. Your house following a Termidor therapy isn’t any various. Normal check-ups by your pest administration expert can make certain Termidor carries on to complete its occupation which your house stays termite-free for so long as you reside there.

House owner Strategies for Safety Towards Termites
Issues you are able to do to stop termites from entering into your house:
Restore any drinking water leaks and dampness issues. Drinking water broken partitions, leaks in roofs, attics, loos and sink locations produce favorable circumstances for termites to prosper.
Thoroughly clean gutters and downspouts. Maintain gutters totally free flowing to prevent clogs that could ultimately result in drinking water harm.
Drain drinking water absent from exterior partitions and basis. Make certain drain spouts and air conditioner drainage traces movement absent in the house. Use splash blocks to stop soil erosion across the basis.
Maintain shrubs, trees and wooden mulch absent in the basis. Shrubs, trees and mulch offer shelter and dampness, which are a magnet for termites. Prune trees and shrubs absent from exterior partitions and ensure mulch isn’t any nearer than 6 inches in the basis.
Keep track of irrigation methods. Make sure sprinklers are modified correctly to spray absent in the basis, partitions, and so on.
Maintain stucco and wooden or vinyl siding over the completed soil degree. Make sure there’s a minimum of a six-inch clearance; or else, termites acquire quick access into your house.

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