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Spiders Extermination

Best Chicagoland Spider Exterminator

Spiders are robust. Conventional toxins and chemical poisons are many times ineffective and often dangerous to you, your children, clients, pets and other persons present at the site of infestation. These toxins also are not applied uniformly at strategic locations, making them useless.When spiders are a problem, Bigfoot Pest control is your spider extermination solution. We spray the inside and apply an exterior polish that last 3 months!

Our 3 month Spider Spray also kills over a 100 other pests!

What Works and What Doesn’t

Spider body shape and general lack of contact between their torso and surfaces make them very difficult to control by store-bought toxic chemicals.

Whether you’re concerned about your home or business, we offer a wide array of traps, safe chemicals and preventative measures to ensure successful spider extermination. Spiders won’t be a problem again. At Bigfoot Pest Control, we take proactive measures to keep you safe and at ease.

Where you Find Them.

Spider webs make the outside and inside of your home look unkempt and they make your child’s play areas uninviting and terrifying places for your children. Spiders are a common fear.
Spiders of all varieties can take residence in wood piles, small cracks and other confined spaces that are often overlooked or left unnoticed. We will get them all.

In spite of all the challenges spider pest control presents, our spider exterminator specialists are skilled, trained and experienced in handling a wide variety spiders and other pests. We serve all of the western suburbs of Chicago as spider exterminators and spider pest control specialists. Bigfoot Pest Control employs only the highest standard of excellence in its technicians. Your circumstances demand individual attention and solutions.

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Facts About Spider Extermination And Control

Spiders, while mostly harmless, can become a problem in the home, especially for those who suffer from arachnophobia or a fear of spiders. In fact, spiders are an essential part of the ecosystem and help control other insects that can cause infestations.

But spider are not insects and therefore do not react in the same way to the toxic chemicals that are commonly used to eradicate other pests. In other words, pesticides that eliminate insects may be entirely ineffective on spiders.

In fact, it is not recommended to use insecticides or bug bombs to try and eliminate spiders. The health risks associated with using these methods are far greater than the success that they may have in eliminating the problem. This is because the spray from these chemicals mainly lands on surfaces and as only the tips of the eight legs touch these surfaces, they are likely to be ineffectual.

However, these chemicals can help control spiders in another way. A proliferation of spiders mainly occurs due to the wide availability of their food source – which is of course other insects. In a home or office where there are cockroaches, mosquitoes, flies and other unwanted critters, spiders are more likely to occur.

Eradicating these insects can help bring a spider population under control. Spiders simply can’t survive in an area where they have no food. However, controlling spiders in this way can take time but there aren’t really any quick ways to get rid of the pests.

In fact, most pest control companies do not treat for spiders as the chemicals and other eradication methods they use are so ineffective. When calling pest controllers, it may be necessary to find a company that specializes in the eradication and control of arachnids.

Most often, spider control solutions are long-term and based on disrupting the life cycle, eating and other habits of the creatures. For example, preventing spiders from breeding and eliminating them in the egg stage is far more effective than tackling adult spiders.

Spiders, like insects, molt in order to grow. This basically means that they shed their exoskeleton in order to make room for growth. Just after molting, spiders may be more susceptible to insecticides and other poisons that will kill them.

Spiders love messy, cluttered spaces where there are plenty of places to spin their webs and hide when they are not hunting or awaiting their prey. So decluttering your home and organizing cupboards, closets, attics, basements and other rooms that are rarely used can also go a long way to reducing the spider population.

Some spiders also prefer damp or moist areas. Eliminating damp in the home is a good way to deter these spiders from entering in the first place.

Due to the fact that many people seem to take extreme steps when it comes to dealing with spiders it is important to note that it isn’t necessary to call a pest control service to deal with just one spider but only where a spider population is out of control in Schaumburg IL.