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We stop the bed bug bites immediately, then we Come Back 3 more times to make sure that every last bed bug egg is killed, too. We don't take a chance. Bottom Line: You get immediate relief and then several more bed bug treatments to insure the area is absolutely bed bug free and you will not have a problem again in a couple of months. You also get to pay in installments.

The First Treatment

You get relief. The bed bug problem is not a problem anymore.

Get 3 MORE Treatments

We do 4 treatments. Nearly all companies do 1. Our multi-treatment method prevents a resurgence from a missed egg or queen. We don't miss eggs or queens and you don't get re infested several months later!

1/4 Payment Plan

Payment for each treatment is due when we come out to do the next round. We do not expect you to pay everything upfront.

Most Affordable

The total cost for our 4 treatments is significantly less than the other Bed bug Exterminators serving the area.

You get an Experienced Professional

Exterminators will tell you: these little blood suckers are a huge problem in the Chicagoland area. Studies put Chicago as the #1 city in the United States with the worst bed bug infestation in 2013, 2014 and 2015.

A BBC News Education Correspondent reported in January of 2014,

"a single pregnant bed bug that escapes detection can be responsible for an entire infestation, rapidly producing generations of offspring."

While many people believe finding bed bugs is easy, finding them all is practically impossible for a non Professional Exterminator trained specifically to handle them. Bed bugs feed on their hosts and then quickly hide in nearby places. This is not limited to beds. Luggage, purses, insides of vehicles, within furniture, anything immediately beside the bed. They are also found inside of electrical outlets and inside of laptops.

A young one is small enough to fit through the stitch holes in a mattress. Adult bed bugs in Chicago are about the size of an apple seed.

Our 4 week, 4 treatment application gets every last bug.

Contrary to popular belief, they are not more common in low-income areas, and their prevalence has nothing to do with a person's income or style of living.

Anyone, anywhere can have bed bugs.

It takes a Professional

The City of Chicago has recently partnered with the "Safer Pest Control Project" to help educate residents in the prevention of infestations. However, once an infestation has occurred, you need to turn to a bed bug exterminator in a professional pest control company for fast, effective treatment in the West Suburbs of Chicago.

The 2013 "Bugs Without Borders" survey which reports on statistics for 2012 found that 99.6% of all pest control companies in the United States had encountered bed bugs last year. The survey also found that

bed bugs are more difficult to control than cockroaches, ants, and termites.

However, a professional exterminator can provide expert treatment in Chicago, and the surrounding area, to prevent further infestation or spreading from home to home.

If you have experienced a bed bug problem in Elgin, Schaumburg or Naperville Illinois area, please contact our experienced and professional pest control technicians to have your Chicago bed bug treatment taken care of for you.

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We are your Chicago West Suburb Pest Control.

Bed Bug Exterminator And Pest Control Service in Schaumburg

Bed bugs are blood sucking pests that commonly live in mattresses as this gives them easy access to their hosts in the early hours of the morning when they like to feed. The bugs can however also infest carpets, upholstery, curtains and clothing.

The little insects are difficult to spot and are very good at hiding. Most people are unaware that they have bed bugs until an infestation occurs and irritating bites make an appearance. Bed bugs can travel a long way in clothing, bags and other items into your home. Once an infestation occurs, it can be very difficult to eliminate the problem and it is necessary to call in the bed bug extermination and control experts.

One of the main concerns when using pest exterminators is the toxic chemicals that are used to eradicate the bed bugs. These chemicals are very effective at eliminating the problem but may also pose health risks, especially to small children and pets. It is advisable to choose a pest control service that uses low toxicity chemicals to lower the risks while ensuring that the bugs are successfully eradicated.

Another factor that should be taken into consideration is the life cycle of bed bugs. Adult bed bugs lay in the region of 200 to 250 eggs in their lifetime (about 2 to 4 months) and the eggs hatch within about a week of being laid. It is absolutely essential that the bed bug control methods being used eliminate the eggs so that new bed bug nymphs don't simply replace those that have been exterminated.

It is also advisable to choose pest control experts who are qualified and licensed to perform the extermination and control. They will have the knowledge and experience to identify bed bugs wherever they are hiding and take the necessary steps to effectively and successfully eliminate them in every stage of their life cycle.

It is necessary to be aware that the extermination process may differ slightly depending on the extent of the problem. For a home or the structure that is severely infested, a more extreme toxic process may be needed and it could mean that your have to leave the home for a few days while the eradication process is performed.

In order to determine the extent of the problem, it is recommended to call pest control experts in your area for an inspection. It is best to make the call sooner rather than later to prevent a small problem from becoming a huge issue.

Apart from bed bug bites that occur mainly on the neck and head but can also occur on the arms and legs, you can look out for other signs of the bugs. Nymphs shed their exoskeleton at least 5 times while they grow into adulthood. The appearance of these little shells, as well as other bed bug leavings, are a good way to identify the extent of the infestation.

Remember to ask your pest control expert for preventative measures that can be taken to stop a future infestation. Contact Bigfoot Pest Control for more info.

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