Remove your Silverfish Bugs

Silverfish may not bite and they may not eat the wood holding up your roof but aren’t as innocuous as you may think. They cause real damage to valuables. Silverfish removal by a professional early on is important since they reproduce at such a rapid rate while staying pretty well hidden.

Silverfish bugs will ruin paper items of any kind, especially those you have stored in out of the way, dark places. They also destroy cloth, once again, often targeting items stored away. Where is your birth certificate and wedding dress?

Signs of silverfish infestation include tiny feces that looks like pepper and damage to paper items. They are attracted to dark or damp places and are often found in the linen closets, bathrooms, laundry rooms, kitchens, basements, and attics.
Silverfish removal strategies, such as over the counter traps only get individuals, not the colony. Home remedies, like using cinnamon, only repel them from certain areas, concentrating them in other areas. Neither of these do anything for existing eggs.

Silverfish bugs are small and shaped like a teardrop, with 3 legs on each side. They have three long bristles coming from their bottom and two long antennae coming from the top of their head. Their color is near a silver color sometimes, being a bluish-silver, other times they are white. Often you will find silverfish that are brown-grey, too.Our strategies remove the pests and prevent them from re-infesting your home. We use nontoxic methods, too. Pets, elderly, kids and you are safe. .

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