Earwig Extermination Services

Earwig extermination will prevent damage to your plants and keep them out of your home.

We only hire the most knowledgeable and professional staff to help clients with pest control issues.

Earwigs are known for eating leaves of plants and reproducing very quickly. Earwigs do tend to find areas around the foundation to call home and may move in as the winter months come closer.

It’s important to eliminate earwigs before they become a problem. Many new subdivisions suffer from infestations of earwigs and they tend to find the damp, dark places within your garden, flowerbeds and the exterior of your home. With the help of a professional, you can remove earwigs for good.

The major issue with removing earwigs from your property is the elimination of their hiding areas. If these areas remain unaddressed, they will continue to reproduce.

At Bigfoot Pest Control, we bring over 20 years of pest control experience, along with a full staff of certified exterminators ready to remove any pest from your property. We know exactly how earwigs act, how they feed and where they are most likely to hide during the day. Our team uses a variety of different earwig extermination methods, all pet-safe and human-safe, to make sure the issues is dealt with properly.

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