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Bigfoot Pest Control is a locally owned and operated pest control company for over 34+ years. We offer the best rounded pest control methods available. Your safety and peace of mind are a priority! Your pests are removed fast and you get personalized services tailored to your home!

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Pests We Control


Social insects that come inside looking for food & water. Our 5 star rated treatment plans kill the entire colony.

Ant Control

Bed Bugs

Bed bug infestations quickly get out of control and always require comprehensive, professional extermination treatments.

Bed Bug Removal

Box Elder Bugs

Box elder bug make their way inside from the outdoors. Extermination requires chemical treatment & sealing entry points.

Box Elder Bug Control


Successful roach control requires more than pesticide. Our combination of treatments stop all stages of cockroach development.

Cockroach Extermination


We'll help protect your garden. Earwig extermination will prevent damage to your plants and keep them out of your home.

Earwig Control


Safeguard your home and pets from fleas. We'll quickly get rid of these pesky fleas and keep them from coming back.

Fleas Treatment


Have you evidence of mice around your home? We utilize a variety of methods to quickly eliminate your mouse problem.

Mice Removal


We offer mosquito control solutions to meet the year-round needs of your outdoor living space, no matter where you live.

Mosquito Control


Silverfish can cause damage to valuables. Choose our 5 star rated silverfish & firebrat extermination solution.

Silverfish Extermination


Spiders are the most common pest in Illinois. Our spider exterminators will keep your home or business protected.

Spider Control


Our termite inspection technicians will inspect the interior & exterior, searching for signs of termite activity.

Termite Inspection

Wasps & Bees

Bees & wasps can be dangerous and destructive to property. We remove the bees and nest and prevent their return.

Wasp & Bee Removal